Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Learn Professional Tennis at Home?

play tennis San Deigo
Are you crazy about Learning Tennis in San Diego? There you could find a plenty of online tennis tutorials through YouTube, Tennis Lessons San Diego, and Squidoo etc. On the Tennis4You website, you will come across six different types of free tennis programs that are aimed at teaching you tennis tactics in a brief time. After having a basic introduction of tennis game, foot positions, ready posture and essential grips, you will be taught about fundamental strokes as follows:

  • The first and easiest type of tennis stroke is, freehand. For starters, it is important to learn this basic grip. After practising it, take a follow-on move over your shoulders starting from one towards the other.
  • The second lesson is about important backhand stroke with suitable follow-through moves. This stroke ends with your arm stretched straight at your shoulder level in a parallel position to floor and your racquet must be pointing upward.
  • Then comes the lesson about serving – there are three main elements that differentiate an expert serve from ‘waiter’ and ‘frying pan’ serve: racquet grip, your sidewards position in relation to target and then spins or slice to strike the ball.
  • At fourth, there is return move that is one and the same like backhand or freehand strokes.
  • Next is volley stroke, that is though technically easiest but requires skilled handling and follow through in order to make it successful.
  •  Last but not least, there is overhead stroke. It needs a considerable practice – timing is critical in this shot as ball needs to be perpendicular to your racquet in order to be fruitful.

Once you have completed this fundamental training and practiced it at home, it is a time to come out of these video games and start playing in a tennis court – do rehearsal as much as you can until you feel confident against professionals. Sounds easy, isn’t so? Here is a great fun that you may have practicing tennis before Wii console screen.

Grand Slam Tennis, a most wonderful Wii tennis game ever created, gives you the most true-to-life tennis game experience on a video game player. You just lift up your racquet and follow tennis shots and motions as you see on the screen – feel you are playing on a real-life court. All major ‘Grand Slams’ are included in this video game – you can now enjoy world’s renowned tennis contests at home such as, French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open. This game lets you choose the most skilled players as your opponent – you will see John McEnroe in the debut of the game.

Through advanced 3D features of Grand Slam Tennis you’ll actually feel yourself swinging real backhands and forehands against famous tennis stars. This game enables you play a number of shots including all the classics that you learned through video lessons and others, such as flat, slice, top spin, drop shots and lobs. This is the first game that goes well together with modern peripheral called ‘Wii MotionPlus’. This peripheral is to enhance your tennis experience through its more detailed ball positioning and additional depth of shots.  Moreover, it can recognize your racquet spinning.

Now you can start learning tennis without facing any embarrassment before your peers and friends.  It is a good package for honing your tennis skills before you feel prepared for facing real-life tennis opponents in the court. Even before getting out for a real tennis match, you can hold competition against seasoned online players. Game is in your hands!

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